Data and Software

Simple python routines for working with tomography and geodynamic models in spherical harmonics:

Numerical Geodynamic Modeling in Julia:

These are implementations of the ideas in Taras Gerya's Introduction to Numerical Geodynamic Modeling in the Julia programming language, which promises C-like speed with the features and syntax of a high-level language like MATLAB or Python.

Teaching with JupyterHub and nbgrader:

These are resources that support the use of Jupyter notebooks to teach numerical modeling of Earth Systems. This github repository contains the Docker setup to run jupyterhub in a container on a server. It also includes support for the nbgrader extension to jupyter, which provides a framework to create homework assignments, provide instantaneous validation of results for the students, collect assignments, and do auto-grading of numerical results (and manual grading of other types of responses).

The labs used for this course can be obtained here:

  • G326: Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems (labs):

    • Note: If you are an instructor and want the copy of the lab with solutions, email me and I will give you access to a private version of this repository.