Portland Institute for Computational Science

Open Earth Systems


Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund - Jeff Richards has prepared a comprehensive report on the social impacts of the eruption.

HSF Lusi Research Library

Lusi Satellite Imagery

Numerical software that I have found useful:

CitcomS is a finite element program for modeling mantle convection in a spherical shell

PETSc is a library for parallel scientific computing

MUMPS (parallel direct solver)

deal.ii is a finite element library with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR)

FEAP is a finite element analysis package written by R.L. Taylor at Berkeley

Triangle by Jonathan Shewchuk is a useful mesh generator

NumPy for Matlab users - NumPy and matplotlib provide much of the functionality of Matlab at no cost

Technical stuff:

Github repository (mostly private)

Generating Movies from a Sequence of Images

Coeus system status (on-campus only)

Hydra system status (on-campus only)

Other Stuff:

Look-alikes in geophysics