Current Students and Postdocs

Undergraduate Students:

Christianson Mills - properties of ensemble solutions in nonlinear inverse problems

Nicolas Desalvio - earthquake precursors

Kirill Ivanov - comparing mantle tomographic models

Former Group Members


Diogo Lourenco (now at UC Berkeley EPS/CIPS) Google Scholar

Graduate Students

Molly Ellowitz (PSU Geology MS program, co-advised with Martin Streck, now at Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association) - Enclaves at Mt. Hood

Jiaming Yang (PSU Geology MS program, now a PhD student at UNR) - flow in the mantle wedge

Former Undergraduate Students

Veronica Guerra (UC Davis Geology Honors, 2020) - Modulation of mantle plumes by plate motions

Dougal Hansen (PSU University Honors College, now a PhD student at UW Madison) - Europa tectonics

Luke Brown (PSU Geology Honors, now at Quantum Spatial) - Motion of mantle plumes

Friends of the lab:

Emerson Lab, UC Davis Plant Pathology