Current Students and Postdocs

Diogo Lourenço

Dr. Lourenço is interested in the evolution of Earth and other planets. He is currently working on an NSF-funded project to understand the development of large-scale structure in Earth's mantle. Diogo is also interested in the interaction between magmatic processes, tectonics, and mantle convection.

Curtis Williams

Dr. Williams is interested in the origin and evolution of volatiles in Earth's interior. He is combining geochemical measurements with geodynamic models and seismic images to understand the origin of primitive noble gases. Curtis' work is supported by a collaborative NSF proposal that also includes Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, and Barbara Romanowicz (UC Berkeley).

Kiri Hargie

Kiri is completing a MS in Geology at Portland State University. She is studying springs in the Harney Basin (Eastern Oregon) in order to understand the provenance of the water and the geothermal heat input to the groundwater system.

Former Students

Molly Ellowitz (PSU Geology MS program, co-advised with Martin Streck, now at Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association) - Enclaves at Mt. Hood

Jiaming Yang (PSU Geology MS program) - flow in the mantle wedge

Dougal Hansen (PSU University Honors College) - Europa tectonics

Luke Brown (PSU Geology Honors, now at Quantum Spatial) - Motion of mantle plumes

Friends of the lab:

Emerson Lab, UC Davis Plant Pathology